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AktiMate burst onto the scene at the end of 2007 with the original AktiMate Mini, a pair of self-powered stereo speakers  with

an iPod dock on top and a massive hi-fi sound - this was sheer knock out stuff.

The brand didn’t come out of nowhere - it was the brainchild of the proudly Australian company Epoz. The performance - and

AktiMate’s early entry to the emerging speaker dock category - immediately started showering the product with awards.

The speakers became globally successful in record time, often pictured in their striking fireman red gloss finish, though

proving most popular in black and white gloss versions.

The Mini was followed by the Maxi, a pair of even larger speakers loaded with extras like Internet radio. And then along came

the Micro , usefully smaller boxes which added a handy USB DAC functionality, allowing direct digital playback from a computer and setting a new standard for desktop speakers.

Times moved on in the dock market, indeed the dock itself rapidly gave way to wireless streaming, AirPlay and Bluetooth. All three models were upgraded to include Bluetooth - and now in 2017 the company is set to venture into yet another exciting market sector.