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AktiMate Mini+ with iPhone

AktiMate Micro with Bluetooth adaptor

AktiMate™ was first manufactured in December 2007.

Released initially in Australia, its home country, within 12 months it was available in more than 14 global markets. Since that time the international appeal of AktiMate has spread even further afield.

Not a year has passed where at least one of the models has failed to receive an award in some part of the world.

At the time of its initial release it offered a perfect solution for anyone wanting to use their iPod or iPhone as their music source, as docks were increasing in popularity at a fast rate. However it also had great appeal to anyone who wanted to be able to connect their hi-fi music sources - i.e. CD player - or even their TV. It was first and foremost an active hi-fi speaker system. The dock was the icing on the cake in its early days.

Lately AktiMate™ has added the advantage of Bluetooth so anyone using Android devices can also reap the benefits of this superbly engineered high quality hi-fi product at an amazingly affordable price. The advantage of supplying a Bluetooth adaptor means earlier owners of AktiMate™ can also benefit and buy just the adaptor.

Now AktiMate has gone one step further with the introduction of the AktiMate Blue. Incorporating the latest Bluetooth technology and with the addition of new inputs and outputs, this active speaker system has it all.

AktiMate’s appeal undoubtedly lies in it versatility, its quality of manufacture and best of all in the fact that you can make your purchase, take it home and set it up literally within minutes. Every connection cable you might need is right there in the box. You are listening to your favourite music instantly.

There is no doubt AktiMate™ is a brand which truly captured the imagination at the time of its introduction and continues to attract increasing numbers of fans today.

AktiMate Blue

Yet again AktiMate featured strongly in the Sound & Image Awards for 2014

The AktiMate Micro and new AktiMate Blue both took out awards......

Micro - Highly Commended 2014 USB Speaker of the Year

Blue - Highly commended 2014 Best system Solution

FIRST ‘BLUE’ REVIEW …. read it here



This just in from an AktiMate customer, Keith Jackson

I already own two pairs of Epoz AktiMate loudspeakers; but last week, during a visit to Superfi in London was tempted to upgrade to a pair of Epoz AktiMate Mini+

However, my research on-line revealed the Epoz AktiMate Blue.  Based on the one review I could find, I decided to order them. They were delivered two days ago. 

Since that time I have listened to them constantly, marvelling at their effortless power and the detail they have revealed in much-loved jazz recordings with which I thought I was familiar.

I regard the Epoz AktiMate Minis as the best money I have ever spent on a pair of compact loudspeakers.

The Epoz AktiMate Blues, partnered with some high quality speakers stands and cabling, have further confirmed my admiration for your products.

Here’s the review Keith mentions

This is the year AktiMate takes yet another leap forward with the release of the much awaited AktiMate Blue.  This release has ignited an unprecedented level of interest  in the AktiMate brand thanks to our inclusion of Bluetooth  technology.